Upcoming Events

Let's all hang out.

Trivia Nights

June 27 - Spider-Man

Not only will we be quizzing about everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger, we'll also be giving away FREE advance screening passes to see Spider-Man: Homecoming to everyone that attends. (Passes are limited and distributed on a first come, first served basis.)

July 05 - Game of Thrones

Winter is coming... jk it's summer and we've got another trivia night comin' up!

July 19 - Harry Potter

Head back to Hogwarts for quizzing and butterbeer!

August 02 - The Marvel Universe

(We will be covering all things Marvel - movies, comic books, all the things)

August 16 - Jurassic Park

MUST GO FASTER and get to the Parlor for Jurassic Park Trivia!

August 30 - Parks & Recreation

Slurp on our giant, "kid-size" soda while we try and stump you with Pawnee trivia :)

October 31 - Stranger Things

Come join us for our Halloween Special - Stranger Things Trivia Night. Then go home and binge watch the second season. Costumes will get you extra points!