Upcoming Events

Let's all hang out.

Trivia Nights

October 31 - Stranger Things

Come join us for our Halloween Special - Stranger Things Trivia Night! Then go home and binge watch the second season. It's so good. Costumes are very encouraged!

November 1 - Parks and Recreation 2.0

Eagletonians beware!! The Pawneeians are coming out in force to quiz over our favorite, gripping government comedy (watch out House of Cards). This is LITERALLY gonna be the biggest and bestest trivia night yet!! Treat'yo'self to a Waffle Mondae that'd make Leslie proud, and sit your Wyatt-tight booty down for some head-scratchers!! No Tammy 2 types allowed. AND our nice friend Nick Offerman (or probably his PR team) gave us ANOTHER pair of tickets to see his live comedy show, and we're giving them away to the winner!

November 15 - Bob's Burgers

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we're quizzing everyone's favorite food & family-based cartoon comedy! The prize includes some great Bob's Burgers-themed swag, so get on over here ya turkeys.

December 6 - Home Alone

Hey, you Little Jerks! What better way to start the holiday season then with a Trivia taratunla up your nose? We're hitting Home Alone with everything we've got!! Ornaments, toy cars, shovels... you name it! This quiz will drop a proverbial iron on your head and jog loose every bit of Macaulay Culkin mania you put to rest.

December 20 - Die Hard

We're quizzing everyone's favorite Christmas film! (And its many, many sequels). Your die hard love of Die Hard might just win you some early Christmas presents, so yippee-ki-yay your way to the Soda Parlor; e'rybody's welcome to our party, pals!

Trivia Night FAQ:

How do we signup?

Just come to the Soda Parlor BEFORE 6:45pm and there'll be a line to signup at the red cart, with our cosplaying host sitting behind it. Pick a punny team name and get in line! He'll take you through everything.

When do we signup?

We START signups at 5:30 and END signups at 6:45pm. Get to the Soda Parlor BEFORE 6:45pm to sign up!

How many teams can play?

There is NO LIMIT on the ammount of teams that can play! However, we do have limited seating, so we encourage that you either get here early to claim seats or bring some of your own!

What size should teams be?

Teams MUST be less than 6 people. If your group is larger, you'll have to form opposing factions. But hey, you'll get a larger share of the spoils!

How early should I arrive?

For the bigger events, when several hundred people are slated to come, our seats are often gone by 5:30-6pm. You CAN come as early as we are open, but it might be worth more to you to go retrieve some folding chairs and get here later.

Where can I park?

Street parking is FREE and there's normally space on the neighborhood streets branching off of 10th, behind the Parlor. There's also a Premiere Parking lot behind our building, which requires you to print out a reciept to put on your dashboard. It'll give you an hour and a half free; after that, you have to pay. (Or you can just keep getting that free hour and a half.) These events run for about two hours.

Can I bring outside food?

We know how hungry quizzing can getcha, so feel free to bring Five Points, Burger Up, or any other tasty grub to the proceedings. We just ask that you get your soda and dessert from the Soda Parlor.